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All  listings + PREA

Our machines go through the whole internet to collect all listings that you can rent or buy in Sofia.

Pro users get PREA (Personal Real Estate Assistant).

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Finding a new home should be an exciting journey.

An actual conversation in Sofia: - ... so we need a bigger home now and I am looking for a new place.
- Ooooh, I feel you, I'm sorry. Good luck!

SERIOUSLY?! A guy is looking for a better place and his friends are feeling sorry for him?!

Our mission is to make the experience of finding your new home pleasant and fun.


Step 1: All Listings

We collect all listings from the internet so you don't miss anything.

Like Google, every minute our machines go through all real estate websites to collect listings. In addition we are integrated with 91 broker agencies that send us directly all their listings.

Step 2: PREA

We give you a PREA so finding your new home is no longer frustrating but pleasant and fun.

PREA means "Personal Real Estate Assistant". Like an FBI agent, PREA can find anything you want to know about any listing and she can protect you from frustrations like fake listings, scam, call spam and so on.


All in one place

You won’t waste your time checking all the websites for listings, because you have all listings in one place

Be the first

Your new home won’t be taken by somebody faster, because you will be the first one seeing the listing

Know the price

You won’t be deceived to pay more than necessary, because you will know the real price at which deals are closing

Quick response

You will no longer wait for days to be called back, because PREA replies within minutes in a private chat

Truth only

You won’t waste your time with showings not even close to the photos, because PREA has already told you the truth

No call spam

Unknown phones won’t call you 6 times a day to offer you showings without photos, because nobody has your phone


Vassil Lunchev
Co-founder, CEO
Mihal Kambarev
Co-founder, CBO

Homeheed is invite only

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If you are already in and you want to invite somebody else, you can find a link to "invite a friend" at the bottom of your daily email.