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Finding a new home should be an exciting journey.

An actual conversation in Sofia: - ... so we need a bigger home now and I am looking for a new place.
- Ooooh, I feel you, I'm sorry. Good luck!

SERIOUSLY?! A guy is looking for a better place and his friends are feeling sorry for him?!

Our mission is to fix the market and to make the experience of finding your new home pleasant and fun.

Step 1:
Available / Not Available

How many times have your heard:
- We just signed that place, but we have many other homes to show you. What are you looking for?

You were either not fast enough OR the broker is fishing with attractive homes, in which you can't get in.

At Homeheed we have the technology to show you if a place is Available or Not!
And Available means that you can GET IN.

Why we do it?

- To Fix The Market
- To make it feel good

What we do?

Homecentric place with all available homes in Sofia

How we do it?

An email with all new homes, matching your filters will be delivered to your inbox every morning.

What about the name?
pay attention to, follow, observe
"They found their home by heeding the market"






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Vassil Lunchev
Co-founder, CEO
Mihal Kambarev
Co-founder, CBO

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